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AfroExposure is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that serves as a platform for exposing African culture as portrayed through the works of various artists. 


AfroExposure has become a showcase of the evolution of African culture through music, fashion, dance, poetry and much more. It brings to a large stage a sample of emerging artists from around the world and from the African continent. It also communicate to and educate the public of the highly overlooked beauty and unique aspect of the African culture.

In July 2010, AfroExposure formed a partnership with PalavaHut, the Online African Village, an media company dedicated to showcasing Africa in a different light, and announced the first ever 2011 AfroExposure event entitled “The Awakening of African Culture.” This event showcased local and international African artists, fashion designers and dance groups including Tolumide, Oxygen 2, Apexx, Nollege Wisdom, Cote Minou, Afro One, Les Belles D'afrique, Tosin, Christain Luart, Mbuutu, and Koby Maxwell. The event showcased African music, fashion, dance, art and poetry from the West, North, South and East regions of Africa at the beautiful Montgomery County Cultural and Arts Center in Silver Spring, MD.

The event drew over 150 audience members in the theater, streamed to more than 2,000 via their websites via Live Stream. This event was marketed through press release and ad campaigns in the Washington Post published to readers across the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia metro area.


Our mission is to promote cultural awareness of afro-culture through fashion, music and dance to people in the United States and around the world.


To enhance understanding of afro-cultural values and beliefs among all people.


  • Afro Exposure Cultural Events
  • Afro Business Expo
  • Charitable fundraising events 
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